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As a student of American history and having just graduated from the University of Maryland, I thought it would be a great experience to work on Capital Hill.  After discovering that “Hill experience” was needed to be employed, I secured a temporary position in order to gain that experience!  My permanent job with a new Congressman from New Jersey consisted of working with constituents to solve their problems.  Thus began my life long passion for politics. As my husband’s career took him across the country, I would become involved in the local Republican Party.  In Illinois, I was hired as a regional field manager for the Nixon re-election campaign.  My job was to open phone banks and campaign offices in northern Illinois and to coordinate the operations with the regional office in Chicago.  When we moved to Janesville, WI, I became the executive assistant to the State Republican Party Chair.  In Arizona I served in various positions in the State Cactus Wren organization.  After we moved to Spokane, one of the first things I did was to call on the Chair of the Spokane Central Committee.  When Grant Peterson ran for Chair, he asked me to be his Vice Chair.  From that point forward, I have stayed active in the party by continuing to serve over the years as a district leader and a precinct committee officer.  I am very familiar with every campaign job from doing mailings, to writing press releases, to doorbelling.   When Bob McCaslin first ran for the Senate, I was hired as the campaign manager.  Then I volunteered to be the campaign treasurer for Dexter Amend’s run for county coroner so that I could learn the PDC rules.  I served as the Eastern Washington Manager for the John Spellman campaign for Governor.   In 2002 I ran for and was elected to the Spokane Valley City Council and was selected to be Deputy Mayor.  Two years later, the council appointed me Mayor.  This was a very enlightening experience as building a city from scratch was no easy task.  I had to learn and, more importantly, understand the RCW’s that regulate what a city can and can not do.  In dealing with public issues, I developed and enhanced my communication skills.  Most importantly, I determined how important it is to listen, to keep an open mind, and to act appropriately.     In 2008 I had the opportunity to run for the open legislative seat in the 4th Legislative District.  Although I was not successful in this endeavor, I felt that it was a valuable experience allowing me to get a feel for the pulse of the district. I have spent the last four years trying to engage more people in the party by looking for new people to serve as precinct committee officers.  There were a number of persons who were active during the recent presidential primary and it was important to keep those people involved in the party.  In addition, a number of dedicated Republicans formed a new organization, the Republicans of Spokane County.  As one of the founding members, I believed it was important for this organization to educate and inform the members by providing timely information on a variety of topics of concern to the membership.  It also became a forum for our elected officials to update and enlighten the members of pending legislation.
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