Citizens to elect DIANA WILHITE |  4th District State Representative | P.O. Box 14932 | Spokane Valley, Washington | 99214-0932
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4th District State Representative GOP

Ozzie Knezovich - Sheriff, Spokane County

I am pleased to recommend Diana Wilhite for the position of 4th District State Representative.  As a former teacher, businesswoman, party activist and councilwoman and Mayor of Spokane Valley, Diana has proven that she is a very capable individual.  In all she does, Diana exemplifies honesty, fairness and will work tirelessly to preserve our rights and freedoms as set forth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Above all Diana will represent the values and ideals of the citizens of the 4th.   Her dedication and willingness to work hard will promote a positive environment within our Washington State government.

Pastor Ian Robertson

I met Diana Wilhite while serving as the pastor at the Spokane Valley Nazarene Church in Spokane Valley.   Over the course of the following years I observed the dedication that she put into building a city structure.  She spent countless hours listening to citizen’s concerns and suggestions while on the city council as as Mayor.   Her passion for public service and to do the right thing led to having a City with no financial debts and a reserve of nearly six million dollars.  Diana would take that common sense attitude to Olympia and work toward limiting State governmental powers that would restrict individual liberty and personal property rights and work to promote economic opportunities for all citizens to prosper and businesses to grow and create jobs.  I believe Diana is the best candidate to serve us in the State Legislature.
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